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Except for your product and customer support, the other main thing that impacts SaaS companies’ customer satisfaction is your website. Ideally, it should be easy to navigate and intuitive. And the best judges on how it works in practice are your real customers.

Examining how happy your customers are with your website should be one of your priorities in terms of customer satisfaction. You can do this with website feedback surveys.

The goal of website surveys is to capture feedback from visitors in real-time, collect contact information, increase conversion rate, and receive invaluable insights about your landing pages, post-purchase experience, or cancellation reasons.

But that can only be accomplished with great website feedback tool. And there are so many options out there that researching feedback software takes a lot of time. 

That’s why we decided to narrow down the list of best website feedback tools to the top 13.

These website user feedback tools can help you build a process that will provide you with data on how customers interact with your site, how much they are enjoying it, and whether they come across any bugs.

1. Saasfe

Saasfe is website feedback and feature tracking tool that helps manage the entire feedback lifecycle, from capturing feature requests to prioritizing features, informing product roadmap, and sharing product updates with changelog.

website feedback tool

Saasfe allows you to capture and track all user feedback and organize and analyze it in a centralized location. Then, inform your roadmap with the most critical feedback, and notify users of what’s new with release notes.

Saasfe Pricing: Starts at $24/month.

Use case: Best for feature requests tracking, website feedback, online feedback, idea management, feature voting, feedback widget, in-app feedback, roadmapping, and product changelog.

2. Bugherd

Bugherd  survey editor

Bugherd is another customer feedback tool that offers website widgets. Once you sign up, you can install the BugHerd JavaScript code on your website. They have working integrations with popular tools like Slack and Zapier.

Visitors can leave feedback via a screenshot, annotation, and metadata. Responses populate in the BugHerd’s Task Board. This dashboard tracks insights until completion, so you never forget to close the feedback loop.

There is a free 14-day trial. The Standard plan costs $39 a month and seats five members of your team.

3. Informizely

Informizely survey edit

Informizely’s feedback button allows you to trigger custom surveys. You can add however many questions you want and split the survey up into pages for easier completion.

You can adorn the feedback button with your logo and further illustrate your branding by customizing colors and text, as well as the survey’s position and animation.

Advanced targeting options make it possible to conditionally show or hide the button. You can also have multiple buttons, each serving a different purpose. 

Their reporting dashboard calculates your scores, counts, percentages, rolling averages, and more. Interactive word clouds make text analysis easier and faster. And lastly, you can distribute live reports via sharable links.

On the flipside, Informizely doesn’t offer many integrations, though they do work with popular tools like Google Analytics or Fullstory. 

What’s more, you can only send 3 types of surveys: website, email, and link, so you can’t collect feedback across the entire funnel.

Informizely pricing starts at $55 a month. You can also test out the premium plan for free for 14 days.

4. mOpinion

mOpinion survey editor

mOpinion is on the expensive end of this list of feedback management tools. That’s why we recommend it for large companies or enterprises.

mOpinion offers both templates like NPS, CES, and CSAT and the option to build custom surveys with the drag-and-drop user interface. There are many question types to choose from, including multiple-choice, radio buttons, and open comments.

You can get a fully branded experience by adjusting the feedback button. All surveys that are triggered by the widget are fully responsive and adapt to all screen sizes.

Intelligent targeting is based on live events and your visitors’ behavior. This way feedback is provided in context for optimal results.

You can manage all feedback with a single Javascript tag which can support multiple feedback forms.

Paid plans start at $229 monthly. There is no free trial available at the moment.

5. Qualaroo

Qualaroo survey editor

This feedback software offers its proprietary NudgeTM widget. The feature was designed with the goal of making website and in-app feedback collection unobtrusive and highly contextual.

There are several templates to choose from. All are fully customizable and have advanced targeting options. 

One of the biggest advantages of feedback widgets is that questions are relevant to where customers are on the website and what they’re doing. The targeting options also take into account who customers are, when they visit the website, and more.

Qualaroo guarantees the software is light and won’t slow down website speed or hinder performance. Data-intensive results are offered in the form of visual reports to help share insights with all concerned members of your team.

This tool is great for customer experience and user experience researchers and designers.

In terms of pricing, Qualaroo charges $0.0008 for tracked pageview per month.

6. GetFeedback

GetFeedback survey editor

GetFeedback, owned by SurveyMonkey, helps website owners and specialists simplify the process of gathering in-the-moment feedback. They have an integration with Salesforce to get real-time insights of customers.

GetFeedback offers real-time alerts and automatic integration into your existing tools. You can embed surveys in the form of widgets into any page content to improve its impact and performance. 

You don’t need coding skills as the installation is primarily about copying and pasting code the tool generates. It only takes a few clicks to add conditional, detailed surveys that respond to your users’ answers. 

The software allows you to customize the styling to fit naturally into your webpage.

In terms of pricing, you have to contact GetFeedback to get an individual quote.

7. HotJar

HotJar delivers instant visual feedback on how visitors are using your website. 

You can get insights on which of your features are most popular or where visitors spend most of their time within the website. You’ll get precise information on where potential customers click, scroll, or tap.

HotJar also offers heatmaps and delivers data that can help you make decisions for updates, changes of design, or A/B testing.

This tool is great for e-commerce, UX designers, and product managers. It’s a great addition to your product feedback toolkit.

HotJar plans start at $39 per month. There is a free version.

8. Usersnap

Usersnap  survey editor

Usersnap is an affordable website feedback tool that specializes in microsurveys (short surveys with one question).

Usersnap surveys allow visitors to report bugs with screenshots and their ratings are simple to track and analyze.

Usersnap’s pricing begins at $15 per month.

9. Feedbackify

Feedbackify survey editor

Feedbackify is another tool that values contextual feedback. It gives visitors the option to provide data and insights right on the website without having to leave it or interrupt their website experience.

Visitors do not need to sign up or provide any information, which helps boost the response rate. This helps protect their privacy, although you may not be able to identify respondents at all.

You can customize feedback channels with your branding. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create widgets that match your website’s style.

Install the widget you create by copying the code the editor generates and pasting it into your website’s HTML.

Plans start at $19 per month.

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