Dooars Tea is just as popular and special as India’s top tea varieties, including Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, Niligiri Tea, and Kangra Tea. In fact, Dooars tea is unique in its own right as compared to other Indian tea varieties.

Here are five most interesting facts about Dooars Tea that will keep you hooked!

Dooars Tea Quality Is One of the Finest

One of the most interesting facts about Dooars Tea is it has one of the best qualities among other popular tea types in India. Dooars tea also has a pure and distinct taste which develops from the region’s unique landscape.

The Dooars terrain is a confluence of plain lands and foothills of Darjeeling. Dooar’s has a slightly higher elevation than plain lands and experiences the best of summer heat as well as winter colds. As a result, tea plants in Dooars develop a strong and stimulating flavour that most tea lovers prefer. All leading tea wholesalers in Siliguri deal in all types of Dooars Tea of all levels of quality and therefore you can buy Dooars Tea in all parts of India.

Leading Tea Brands Use Dooars Tea

Some of the leading tea companies in Siliguri, including Naturolled, offer the best of Dooars Tea in affordable prices. Leading tea brands source a significant percent of their tea from Dooars as the region produces high-quality tea throughout the year. 

Apart from being high in overall quality and taste, Dooars Tea is affordable in West Bengal as well as other states in the country. Innovative tea brands such as Naturolled offer different varities of blended CTC tea from Dooars.

Dooars Is Home to Many Tea Gardens

Dooars is vast in terms of land area and it is home to a large number of lush tea gardens. Almost all tea gardens in Jalpaigur district and Coochbehar district come under the Dooars Tea category. 

What’s more interesting to know is that the tea gardens in the Dooars and Terrai region have an average elevation of about 90 metres to 1750 metres above sea level. The varying altitude levels give Dooars Tea a uniquely bright taste and aroma.

Dooars Tea Is Registered Under the Tea Board of India

Similar to other leading tea producing regions in India, Dooars and its neighbouring Terrai region are registered under the Tea Board of India. So, all Dooars tea types and batches meet Tea Board of India’s quality control parameters. 

Other tea types that are registered under the Tea Board of India include:

  • Darjeeling Tea
  • Assam Tea
  • Nilgiri Tea
  • Kangra Tea
  • Sikkim Tea
  • Tripura Tea                                                             

British Planters Established Dooars Tea Gardens 

According to the Tea Board of India, early British planters primarily engineered tea cultivation in Dooars and its neighbouring Terrai region. And later on, Indian entrepreneurs further developed the region by expanding the tea cultivation in a gradual way.

Similar to Darjeeling Tea, Dooars Tea carries its British heritage till date and therefore is one of the most exquisite tea varieties in the country. So, when you have a cup of Dooars Tea, you treat yourself with the goodness of a unique region that has a rich heritage and culture.

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