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Marriage or any enduring partnership has its natural ebbs and flows, often stemming from the challenges of sharing one’s life with another for an extended period. In such times of uncertainty, the National Detective Agency emerges as a beacon of truth, seeking to unravel the mysteries behind these fluctuations. Private detectives in Delhi is renowned for its post matrimonial investigations, offering the assistance and support you require if you suspect infidelity in your relationship. Furthermore, if you find yourself entangled in a divorce proceeding where assets are being concealed or cohabitation issues persist, rest assured, we stand ready to assist. These scenarios are but a glimpse of the myriad challenges our highly skilled private investigators can help you tackle. As a dedicated Detective Agency, we specialize in Post Matrimonial Investigations, understanding precisely what you seek. With a team of exceptionally qualified male and female investigators, we ensure swift and discreet case resolution.

Recognizing the Need for Post Matrimonial Investigation

Should you find your marriage facing turmoil and notice sudden, significant changes in your spouse’s behavior, it may be the right juncture to engage our services. These behavioral shifts could encompass distancing themselves, loss of interest in romantic endeavors, escalated arguments, and more. The involvement of your spouse with another individual might be a contributing factor. However, making accusations or decisions without substantial evidence is unwise. This is where Post Matrimonial Investigation steps in as a valuable resource, available at any time and in any city across India. Your privacy remains paramount, as we are committed to safeguarding it.

Indications of Potential Infidelity

If you observe any of the following signs in your spouse’s behavior, it may be prudent to consider an investigation:

  • Neglecting you and the family, offering insufficient time and attention.
  • Excessively guarding their phone, even in your presence.
  • Passwords and patterns protecting phone calls and messaging apps.
  • Frequent tardiness and abrupt departures for work.
  • Fabricating lies over trivial matters and providing unwarranted explanations.
  • Exhibiting arrogance and seeking reasons to stay away.
  • Altering regular work habits and behavioral patterns.
  • Engaging in secretive calls and text messaging excursions.

Should you encounter any of the aforementioned red flags, it is advisable to contemplate an investigation. Prolonged cohabitation often brings subtle changes in behavior to the forefront, making a Post Matrimonial Investigation a crucial step in uncovering the truth about your life partner. Rest assured, our extensive experience and commitment to delivering accurate, verified information will empower you to make informed decisions and lead a more peaceful life.

Coverage of Post Matrimonial Investigation

Our comprehensive Post Matrimonial Investigation services in Delhi encompass:

  • Extramarital affairs.
  • Divorce cases.
  • Tracing rendezvous points with third parties.
  • Monitoring day-to-day activities of your spouse.
  • Character verification of your spouse.
  • Evidence of pre and post extramarital affairs, if any.
  • Employment details and potential office affairs.
  • Proof of a second or concealed marriage.

Our private detectives in Delhi excels in Post Matrimonial Investigations, aiding numerous individuals in making life-altering decisions. If you find yourself grappling with post-marital challenges, do not hesitate to connect with the National Detective Agency. Our adept private detectives possess not only the latest investigative tools but also the acumen to employ them effectively. We provide comprehensive evidence collected by our investigators.

Why Choose Us for Post Matrimonial Investigation?

  • Our case investigators are dedicated, highly skilled, professional, and experienced detectives.
  • We prioritize client confidentiality and never share their identity with third parties under any circumstances.
  • Timely completion of investigations with continuous client updates.
  • Provision of photo and video evidence related to the investigation.
  • Detailed investigation reports.
  • Nationwide coverage for Post Matrimonial Services.
  • Support and guidance for clients to make informed decisions.
  • 24/7 client support for all types of investigations.


At the National Detective Agency, we specialize in providing Post Matrimonial Dispute Investigation services to address our clients’ concerns. Our Divorce Case Investigation Service enables clients to gather substantial evidence against their unfaithful partners. Our detective agency in India understands the sensitivity of such matters and conducts in-depth investigations to support our clients’ rights in their relationships. All our services are available at reasonable prices, ensuring accessible solutions for those in need.

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