Summary: Wrestling has to be one of the hardest sports around. There are many factors that make up a good wrestler, however, there are many traits that are shared by all wrestlers no matter what their skill level is. Wrestling is a great sport and it teaches many different life lessons. It not only teaches you how to be part of team but it also teaches you skills such as discipline, determination, and persistence.

Wrestling is one of humanity’s oldest sports. It is a sport which embodies the struggles we must overcome in life, calling upon our natural gifts, strengths, and cunning. It is the fight to survive made physical, and hence wrestling is considered a noble and serious sport.

However, there’s wrestling, and then there’s mixed wrestling. Here you have men who usually pay a woman smaller and weaker than themselves to basically pretend to put them into body locks and holds. The man will obviously be allowing her to put him through the motions, and there are few points where he is actually overpowered or in a truly compromised position.

Entertainment purposes

Rather than being caught in a mortal struggle and using every fibre of their being to overcome an opponent, these wrestlers are clearly getting a kick of a different sort from the so-called “match”. Seen in the context of the traditional sport of wrestling, mixed wrestling seems something of a farce. And you could say that it is.

Mixed wrestling of the fantasy variety is for entertainment purposes and is more about sexual arousal than anything else. These days, it is a rapidly growing industry as it is legal and there is money to be made in it. It’s not prostitution- grown men pay to wrestle grown women, and that’s all they get, at least on paper.

It’s a step above massage (which is supposed to be 100% non-sexual) in terms of sexual gratification because the man does not just lay there passively getting worked on. No, he gets to grab and pin and be pinned by a scantily clad female.

What’s not to like about the situation? Almost like dry humping? Clients will pay somewhere around $300 a go, usually, and usually specify whether they want to play wrestle or do something more serious. Not bad money for a little wrestling match, especially when these men could most likely wrestle their friends for free, or sign up for a wrestling class. But yes, there are women who are decent wrestlers who can give men a run for their money, and even win matches. In general, these more serious matches are not what men are after.

Strange situations

For those who have less money, mixed wrestling downloaded on the internet are usually the route. There are several pay websites which have come into existence, and the more popular ones all feature fantasy wrestling. It’s funny to think about men paying to allow a woman to pretend to wrestle him, and it speaks to the strange situations our urges can get us into.

But mixed wrestling has brought the themes of the strength and equality of women into the spotlight in a different and compelling way, and it is interesting to see what may come of it. Unlikely as it seems, perhaps we’ll see the day where women wrestlers are taken seriously and compete against men? Wwe championship belts mostly remain in the realm of adult entertainment, a sport activity that is titillating but legal at the same time?

Wrestling Clubs

Look into nearby community colleges and see if they have any wrestling clubs to join. These are usually low cost options for getting involved in working out for wrestling. Also look on craigslist or other classified sections for organizations or established wrestling clubs.

Online Wrestling Workouts

Here’s a great way to jump right in and get started with wrestling workouts on your own. There are online training sites which specialize in training for specific sports, wrestling included. Often times these sites will allow you access to other training as well, such as boxing, martial arts, and so forth. So not only can you learn wrestling, but also dabble in other forms of training as well.

You can always move on to wrestling classes or clubs, after you gain a decent mastery of wrestling workouts on your own. That way you’ll go into the wrestling classes already prepared and practiced, and not completely green.

Enhance the skills first and learning

Wrestling can be likened to a cat and mouse game. Wrestlers need to learn how to position themselves properly before they can pull off a great submission move. In order to be a great wrestler, one has to possess all the skills of a good wrestler: stance, footwork, penetration step, lifting and lower back flexibility. One has to hone and enhance these skills first and learning holds and positions would be incredibly easy.

Too many times, newbies make the mistake of trying or shooting for a double or single. They bend at the waist without even changing levels. They do not even employ penetration steps or any type of footwork that could help them pick up their opponent. They do not have any set up and they are careless in their strategies, often completely revealing their intent to their opponent.

Training all year

It can take many years for wrestlers to be able develop and really gel in the sport. However, this can be shorted by working out in the summer time. Since it is a winter sport, you can make up a lot of ground, by working out and training all year.

This isn’t mandatory, but it is required if you want to be truly successful. There are summer camps all over the nation. In fact with a little research online, it would not be too hard to find a wrestling camp that is right near your house. Title belts are another way for you to really develop.

Develop your skills

One way that will really help you develop your skills in the summer time is to make sure that you write down what you have learned at the camps. Bring pen and a notebook when going to a wrestling camp. This is because during these camps you will be shown many, many moves and will not be able to remember them all.

When you write them all down you will be able to remember all of them, or at the very minimum you will remember more than you would have ever been able to without writing them down. A person will only need a few pieces of gear in order to practice and compete.

You will need to have wrestling shoes, a headgear, and a singlet. A singlet is the wrestling uniform that you might have seen before… it is the spandex. A few optional things that you can wear when you are wrestling are mouth guards and knee pads.

State and national tournaments are often held in stadiums due to the size requirements that necessary. A lot of space is needed for more than four to five mats. Some state tournaments have 10 or more mats because of the amount of wrestlers that they have.

If they didn’t have all those mats then the event would take weeks to finish. All of these skills are great for life. Wrestling is one of the most unique forms of entertainment out there. Some call it a sport, some call it a soap opera and others call it a traveling stage show.

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