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If you use Outlook for Windows or Outlook Web App, the email is saved in MSG format; if you use Outlook for Mac or save the email in webmail on a mobile device, the email is saved in EML format. Support agents can transform emails from one format to another so that they can be read in either format.


Definition of MSG file into EML file Format

MSG File Format: Microsoft is used to store individual email messages as well as other single objects such as tasks, appointments, contacts, and so on outside of Outlook. This format works with all versions of Outlook for Windows.

EML File Format: EML is a standard that is supported by a wide range of email clients. This format is similar to a text file, and it can be opened with any text editor. If your email application does not export emails straight into.eml, you can use this to convert a.txt file to an.eml file.

Why Need to Convert a MSG Emails into EML file in Outlook?

Converting MSG files to EML files can provide several advantages.

Compatibility: EML files are widely supported and work with a wide range of email clients and apps, including Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others. By converting MSG files to EML, you ensure that the email content may be accessed and seen on multiple systems without any complications.

Simplified Email Management: EML files have a simpler structure than MSG files. You can simplify your email management activities by converting MSG files to EML. For example, you can more quickly organize and categorize your emails, execute batch operations on EML files, and edit email content.

Open Standard: EML files follow an open standard format, which means they are not proprietary and can be freely accessed and interpreted by a variety of applications or scripts. Because EML files are open, developers and system integrators can interact with them more freely and incorporate them into their tool or workflows.

Manual method to Convert MSG file into EML file format

Processes for manual conversion of MSG files to EML file format:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  • Choose an MSG file and drag it into MS Outlook. Now, go to the File menu and specify a location to save the EML file.
  • Select.txt as the file format and click the Save button.
  • Drag the selected MSG files to a folder on your computer.
  • This action will automatically convert the MSG files to EML format.
  • You will be prompted with a warning message; click the Yes option.
  • The last step is to open EML files with Thunderbird or other supported email client

Expert Method Convert MSG Emails into an EML file in Outlook

You can use the Softaken MSG to EML Converter Tool to convert an MSG file to an EML file, which is both safe and secure. Users can use this application without worrying about losing data. It is compatible with the email application Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, and Outlook Express.

Steps to Convert MSG file into EML file

  • Download and Install MSG to EML Converter Tool
  • Select conversion type EML or EMLX
  • Select input mode Folder mode file or file mode
  • Show Preview of PST file
  • Click browse Select output location to save.
  • Click on the Convert Button

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When it comes to email communications, converting MSG files to EML format improves compatibility and flexibility. Whether you use Microsoft Outlook, online converters, or email applications with built-in conversion facilities, the methods described above give quick and easy ways to convert MSG files to EML. Select the approach that best meets your requirements and get the benefits of a more versatile file format for your email communications.

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