Do you love to play games and always look for new ideas? The development of 2D games like Super Meat Boy and Ori and the Blind Forest is a popular choice among gamers. Do you want to create a 2D video game? When you think about 2D Games, Custom Unity game development services come to your mind. Why? Continue reading to find out!

2d game development

Why is Unity attractive?

Unity allows you to create 2D games such as Alto’s Adventure or Hitman Sniper. It also helps you make 2D games that are easy to play, like Forgotten Anne and Monument Valley 2. Many gaming studios, such as JuegoStudio, use Unity Engine to create unique 3D features. However, it’s also an excellent tool for 2D games. Unity allows you to create 2D games that are compatible with different consoles. Unity Engine is a powerful tool that offers a variety of benefits to game development companies.

Do you love to play games and always look for new ideas? The development of 2D games like Super Meat Boy and Ori and the Blind Forest is a popular choice among gamers. Do you want to create a 2D video game? When you think about 2D Games, Unity Game Development company in india comes to your mind. Why? Continue reading to find out!

Why you should choose Unity for 2D game development:

* Multi-platform advantage

Unity Game Development is compatible with multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Android. It also supports iOS devices. It’s compatible with many venues, including Mac, Windows and Android, iOS, Xbox, Playstation, Steam, and more. Unity makes it easy to move or migrate your game across platforms. The agreement makes porting your game to different platforms a breeze.

* Have a commendable developer team

You may need help with creating your 2D game. Unity offers the best gaming support from a team of experienced developers. If you don’t use their assistance, you will end up with a faulty match with too many bugs.

* Legible Scripting language

Unity supports the most popular scripting languages, such as C# and Java. Both languages are easy to use when creating a 2D game.

Start for free

Unity is the perfect tool for 2D games. It is free if you want to avoid buying the Pro version. The free version has all the features. As you progress in your game development, you can upgrade to the Pro version for more advanced features.

* Versatile

Imagine any 2D feature you need, such as high-definition graphics or animated objects. Unity can handle any 2D engine or part. With its extensive tools, such as input system, animation, etc., it is known for extending the best of both worlds.

Asset Store

Asset creation is one of the more difficult tasks in 2D game design. Unity allows you to do everything from tweaking animations or 3D models to adding textures or any other feature that will make your game look more realistic.

It is easy to use

Unity is easy to use and even easier to implement if you’re a novice in 2D game creation. It is simple, but it may take some time to grasp the basics. It is worth it! Even without professional assistance, you can quickly develop your first 2D games.

There are multiple online guides available.

Another great benefit of using Unity Engine to create your 2D games is that you can easily add new features. Many websites provide documentation and tutorials to help you get started. Visit the Unity website and listen to podcasts or tutorials to improve your skills and receive professional guidance when creating your 2D games.

* Modular Editor

Unity, unlike many other tools for game development, is dynamic. There are no static features in the editor. The Package Manager allows you to add several features to the editor. These can be added with just a click. You can also play with some experimental packages. You can create custom features in the editor using the same scripting languages you use for your 2D games.

The Meaningful Meet

Unity used to host an annual event which was a gathering of early adopters and other people at Unity. The speakers used to talk about the new and exciting things happening in Unity. This annual event is held multiple times worldwide in a single year due to Unity’s growth. Unite is an event that allows you to meet new people, learn about the latest technology, and get to know Unity developers.

This is a good book for beginners.

Many gaming tools and software can overwhelm you with their complex features if you are a newbie in the industry. Unity has easy-to-use tools that will help you get started. The visual scripting tool Bolt included with every Unity plan makes the game more accessible for beginners. Bolt allows gamers to create games using logic without having any coding knowledge. It isn’t a problem if you have never coded before!

* Quick and agile

Unity is a speedy engine that can help you to create 2D games quickly and easily with simple coding. Unity is agile and does not require you to hit your head against the wall when creating games.

* Ideal for VR developers

Unity is compatible with all VR platforms. Unity’s new APIs, paradigms, and features are compatible with VR platforms. The agreement is also popular with small teams, precisely what VR teams are. Unity has VR capabilities, which is a huge advantage when considering VR a cutting-edge technology.

Build your tool

Unity’s asset store allows you to create your tools. The agreement will enable you to create your devices if you are looking for a complex, long-running game. Unity can render plugins and stuff and give you a lot more flexibility if you’re looking to make a quick, small game. Its fundamentals must remain the same.


Artoon Solutions, a Unity game development company in india, uses cutting-edge technologies and the latest platforms to provide you with the best 2D gaming experience. The portfolio contains the most sensational games that Artoon Solutions has created. Our talented game developers can help you create customized games for desktop and Android. Artoon Solutions’ website is a great place to find out more.

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