The export business is a great career, and you can earn more profit from it, but you have to do some special preparation. First, you must be prepared for the various activities required to start your journey in the world of international business; then, you will be able to get off your export business on the ground. 

It will include the documentation needed to set up the business, from choosing a business model to selecting the right market and buyers and preparing for arranging to ship your first order.

There are many such small manufacturers in the country whose goods can be consumed abroad but they cannot do this business due to a lack of knowledge and means of their process. Similarly, there is a lot of demand in our country for many items made abroad, for which the consumers here are ready to pay a reasonable price. 

Like any other business, in export and import, you have to understand the demand and make arrangements for supply by adding your profit.  Your margin can be from 10% to 50% in this business. It all depends on your product’s knowledge and experience and the country’s choice. 

The Government of India gives export licences and various facilities to traders who want to export.  The trader has to follow specific rules to start this business. Let us know the steps to start an export business and the process of exporting abroad.

How To Start Export Business 

The following are some essential steps to starting an export business:

Create A Company  

To start an export business, first, you must form a company. You can create this company in partnership. After that, you have to decide what type of business you will have based on ownership in export – import business and  choose a specific name for your business. Moreover, you can also require various types of transport vehicles such as mini trucks, heavy duty trucks and others for the last mile delivery process. To start this business you can choose a Maruti Suzuki Mini Truck as a preferable option.  

Required Document  

Certain documents are required to start an export business. You must have a valid identity and address proof to register your business. The process of obtaining a PAN card from the Income Tax Department for your business unit has to be done. Moreover, IEC code is a must for anyone wanting to start an import export business. 

Select Your Export Product  

Selecting the right product is the key to your export business. You can choose the products related to your current company for export. It can be an item produced on a large scale in your area or a crop grown in abundance, or it can also be handicrafts. 

You should research the demand for the product which is exported in the international market. You can also get the  guide of already established export firms and their work in selecting the right export product, which is very beneficial to start the export business.

Market Selection  

When you have selected the product for export then you have to focus on  countries where such products are exported from our country. You should do a complete study in whichever country you want to start work. Every market has different rules. You should follow their rules and quality standards. 

You can focus on neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan, Arab countries and African countries. In these countries, rice, medicines, garments and fruits and vegetables are exported in large quantities from here. 

How To Find Buyers  

After selecting the export material and country for this, you must find buyers who can import that product. For this, you should find out which government schemes and institutions are there to help you and can guide you in this work. 

If a company around you sells the same product abroad, try to get information from there. Furthermore, you can get information from YouTube and Google about agencies that can help you with the export work.  

You have to contact the officer or section looking after the import of that company. Only then there will be a possibility of getting the desired result. Otherwise, your efforts will be in vain. If you do not get a reply after trying once, you can mail or call again after a few days.

To do export business properly, you need to feel the needs of your target market personally, related merchants and consumers of that product. You meet with your potential buyers and walk around the stores selling the product there. You should know the political history, merchant transactions and language of your export market. 

Through your survey, take stock of the prices of the same product from any other country. In your product’s context, you must understand the trends there. It may also happen that the packaging in which the product is sold in our country may not be prevalent, and no buyer can be found there for it in the same packaging. you should also understand how to make the necessary changes for this. 

Delivery Of Goods  

You have to settle the delivery terms of the goods with the buyer of your goods. These terms have a direct bearing on your price quotation. Based on this agreement, it is decided where you have to deliver the goods and what will be your responsibilities, so you should understand it well.  The services of a freight forwarder are taken to deliver the goods. Its job is to complete the essential steps of shipping and merchandise for you. Also, you can be responsible for quoting shipping rates, providing routine information and booking cargo space. In addition, prepares freight forwarder documents, contract shipping insurance and route cargo information with the lowest customs charges. 

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