QuickBooks Error 12007

QuickBooks is dependable on the internet for downloading updates, sending emails, downloading tax forms, and many other bookkeeping tasks. Users find themselves in trouble when QuickBooks Error 12007 occurs due to network connectivity issues and blocks online tasks. If you also become a victim of this QBDT error, read this entire blog to discover its potential causes and the expert-recommended ways to remove them from your PC.

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Why this error doesn’t let QB update successfully?

You mostly encounter error 12007 QuickBooks while downloading the software updates or performing tasks requiring the internet. The primary reasons this network connectivity issue strikes QBDT are discussed below-

  • The Internet speed delivered by your network connection is too low and doesn’t satisfy the minimum requirements of QBDT.
  • The web browser you use on your system is downloaded from an unsecured third-party source and cannot integrate with QBDT.
  • The internet connection can also suffer due to temporary files like cache, cookies, and other junk stored in the web browser.

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The feasible solutions to get rid of the error

You’ll face trouble performing online tasks like updating, sending forms or customer invoices, etc., after QuickBooks error code 12007 emerges on the screen. The correct methods to remove this connectivity issue from your QBDT are described below-

Solution 1- Ensure your system’s network connection is able to provide the minimum internet speed required by QB

A stable internet connection is an essential demand of QuickBooks to perform online tasks efficiently. If the network connection on your system fails to deliver the required speed or breaks down in between the tasks, you might run into several errors in the software. You must check the internet speed on your computer using an online tool and see if it satisfies the QB’s minimum requirement of 1.5Mbps and an average of 3Mbps. Refer to these steps-

  1. Go to Google’s homepage on your system browser and type ‘Internet Speed test’ in the search bar.
  2. Click Google Search or tap Enter to begin the search and navigate to the tool using the first link in the results.
  3. Click Start to run the tool and wait until the internet speed appears on your screen.

In case the internet speed is low, try restarting your router or changing the network service provider. If the connection delivers appropriate internet speed, jump to the next solution.

Solution 2- Check the browser selected as default in the system settings

QuickBooks is calibrated to work best with the inbuilt web browsers of the OS in the market. You can face problems running QB tasks if your browser is third-party and incompatible to integrate with the software. You need to configure your system settings as described below-

  1. Go to the control panel menu on your computer and click the Apps icon.
  2. Select Default Apps in the left section and move down in the window to locate Web Browser.
  3. Choose from Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge for best compatibility and set them as the default system browsers.


We are now at the end of this blog explaining why QuickBooks Error 12007 interrupts the updates and other online tasks. The methods you need to remove this error easily are also present in the blog, and we hope you apply them to run your QB flawlessly on your PC.

Speak to our QB support team at +1-855-738-2784 if you face problems applying the solutions.

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