QuickBooks error 6147

QuickBooks is a dependable accounting software used in small & medium-sized organizations. The software records financial data and analyses it to develop precise accounting reports. These reports help users to track their business health and make the required decisions. Unfortunately, users can sometimes lose access to their company files due to internal issues that can randomly develop. QuickBooks error 6147 appears on the screen while opening, creating, or restoring the company file. If you also face this issue while opening your company file in QuickBooks, read this blog till the end to find out the triggers for this software and the methods to terminate it from your PC.

If the solutions seem complex, troubleshoot this error with the assistance of QB experts reachable at +1-855-738-2784.


These are the reasons QuickBooks develops an error while opening a company file-

  • The Network Descriptor file is no longer readable for the software after taking damage from a virus attack.
  • Company file name contains invalid characters, which generate issues when the software processes the file.
  • QuickBooks is malfunctioning due to internal issues raised by a faulty software installation on your PC.

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Find the methods to counter this company file issue in QuickBooks below-

Solution 1- Recreate the damaged Network Descriptor file

QuickBooks requires the network Descriptor file, a crucial program file, to register the systems and data used in the multi-user network. Damage or corruption in this file leads to a malfunction in the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, which ultimately stops you from accessing or hosting a company file. You can fix the issue by recreating the damaged file using these steps-

  • Go to the location of your QuickBooks folder.
  • Search for a file with an identical name to your data file and extension .nd.
  • Right-click on the file with the .nd extension and select Rename.
  • Type ‘.old’ at the end of the file name and save the file.
  • Open Database Server Manager using QB tool hub or the search panel.
  • Select your QB folder in the Scan folders tab and click Start Scan.
  • Reopen QuickBooks after the folder is scanned.

If you still encounter the company file issue, try the next solution.

Solution 2- Repair the file with the QuickBooks File Doctor tool

QuickBooks can also develop this issue when it fails to process the company file. The file might be in an unsupported format for the software due to damage caused by a virus attack or corruption. You can repair the file using the File Doctor tool available in the QuickBooks Tool hub. Refer to these steps-

  • Launch the QB tool hub and click on Company file issues.
  • Select the Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool option in the drop-down list.
  • Choose your company file from the pre-available list or use Browse.
  • Tap the Check your file option and enter your QB admin password.
  • Let the tool finish repairing the company file and then reopen QuickBooks.

You can now work on your data file without any issues.


We are at the end of this blog which provides the details of QuickBooks error 6147, which stops you from opening a company file. Describe the causes of the issue and provide adequate ways to counter it in your QuickBooks. We hope the blog helps terminate the company file error from your QuickBooks.

If you are still stuck with the issue, contact a QB professional at +1-855-738-2784 for further assistance.

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