Millions of individuals use Lotus Notes as their email client of choice for business communications at the moment. The program was initially created by Lotus Development Corporation, which was then acquired by IBM and is now also referred to as IBM Notes. This email client incorporates all of the objects in a mailbox, such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. Lotus Notes is not simple to use in terms of ease. Even though it is a massive software with many cutting-edge capabilities, nobody can use it. We occasionally get stuck in the following circumstances while using Lotus Notes:-

Therefore, read this post through to the finish if you’re having similar problems and want to find answers.

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For Lotus Notes, use the NSF Converter. NSF files to PDF through Email

Here, we’ll talk about one of the most dependable and straightforward Lotus Notes Converters, which enables users of all levels to convert Lotus Notes NSF files to PDF files with attachments. Free to download Lotus Notes NSF Converter was created specifically to satisfy users by quickly and easily converting NSF files to PDF format.

Benefits & Features: NSF Converter

  • Complete NSF Data Conversion: With the help of this incredible method, anybody can securely and quickly convert all of their Lotus Notes data, such as emails, contacts, calendars, briefcases, and more, into PDF format.
  • Export More Than One IBM Notes File: When using the software’s batch capabilities, the user may add an entire folder to convert to PDF format. Users can export groups of files from NSF to PDF format simultaneously using this option.
  • Provides Date Filter: Lotus Notes’ ability to convert emails to PDF has a date filter option that makes it easier to acquire output databases that fall within a specified time frame.
  • Save Attachments: The Lotus Notes Converter enables users to convert every email attachment from a Lotus Notes NSF message to a PDF file.
  • Smart Preview Function: When figuring out how to convert Lotus Notes mail to PDF, users will have the chance to take advantage of the preview feature, which allows them to quickly evaluate uploaded NSF emails before beginning the procedure.
  • A Windows-based program is: The application is accessible to everyone on all Windows versions, including: – Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and lower editions. It is a fantastic Windows-supported platform.
  • Free Evaluation Copy: The NSF Converter software also provides a free evaluation copy, allowing users to test the program by exporting a small number of Lotus Notes data objects to PDF format.

How can I convert NSF files from Lotus Notes to PDF format, step by step?

Use the simplest and safest working instruction as the ideal method for exporting Lotus Notes mail to PDF format without making a single mistake.

  • Start the TrustVare NSF Converter Software and open it
  • The Lotus Notes to PDF Converter must be installed on a local machine as part of the first stage.
  • the files from Lotus Notes.
  • You must use the “Add Single Files” or “Add Multiple Files” option accessible in the program once the application has launched to upload Lotus Notes files.
  • The software’s biggest feature is a preview tool that allows you to quickly see uploaded NSF emails after you’ve uploaded files. Next, choose the Export option.
  • A new Window appears at this point, allowing the performer to select PDF as the output format. Then use all of the advanced features, including the Date Filter, Save Attachment, and Save PDF choices.
  • Once you have all the advanced settings, go ahead and enter the target path using the Browse tab to store the generated PDF files. Choose the Convert option.
  • The NSF to PDF conversion procedure may be started by just tapping the Convert button once. Additionally, a pop-up notice saying “Conversion Completed Successfully” will appear on the screen after a short while.

Last Line

I hope the discussion above has helped you find the best and most precise answer to the question of how to export Lotus Notes mail to PDF format without changing any files or folders. The majority of users believe that email transfer is a difficult effort, which is why experts recommended the simplest Lotus Notes Converter Software, which makes the entire procedure a great deal simpler.

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