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Finding the right internal SSD could be harrowing as finding needle in a haystack or could be a child’s play depending upon the technical know-how of the solid-state drive supplier in India. Before one jump into a conclusion to zero on one out of the many flooded in the market, they need to know how solid-state internal SSD, a boon for them can be, but all good things come for a price. Internal SSD is the current storage platform and consumes less of space in and is extremely compact delivers an exuberant performance each time.

Why switch to internal SSD is needed?

The need to replace and switch an internal SSD can be out of need to be in sync with the latest offering of the technological world OR to upgrade to an existing system if the external looks matter that much yet delivering a faster and smoother and did, I almost forgot to mention, a silent performer. Unlike, the old HDD, which would make gargling sound when booting or loading data, the mighty SSD does this at the blink of an eye as it’s based on flash storage technology and has no moving parts like a platter or spindle like HDD, so events of data crashing and failure are far less. A new system in India with internal SSD storage can range between INR 35k-80K or even cross the hundred thousand (lac) figures whereas, an internal storage SSD can cost between INR 7k-15k or even 20k depending upon the number of GB’s you wish to extend or even rake up to 1 or 2 TB to get some heads and eyes rolling.

Whom/who should upgrade?

Anyone who is not getting enough productivity from their existing portables or desktops and wish to upgrade without having to burn a hole in the pocket can do a legit, upgrade! A system upgrade is like, an organ transplant. You need to know the donor and receiver well before the actual operation. Only if there is a match, can the operation be successful and same goes for a system upgrade. If you have a SATA HDD in your desktop or laptop, a SATA internal SSD is all you need to upgrade and see your Windows OS booting with joy and almost experience a seamless transition with speed in data transfer, don’t believe me? Try it!

What size upgrade?

The rule of thumb is to go as high as you can and adjust your budget accordingly. For instance, if you have had a system running on 250GB, consider 2-3 folds higher the better!! Then comes the brand, a name that is to reckon with and is easily available and smoothly upgradable. We are one of the famous brands or famous suppliers of SSD in India.


So the moral of the story, get to know your system hardware well and its limitations (refer to the manufacturers website), choose the correct connector type based on the existing system SATA SSD, M.2 or NVMe, upgrade to a higher storage capacity than current one, set a budget for the upgrade and most importantly a toolkit if you are going to perform the upgrade or get a professional help by paying a bit for their kindness and helpful being. Most of the upgrades can be sourced online or offline depending upon one’s time and convenience. With all these upgrades your system will not only thank you for upgrading with latest technology, but one can always have that peace of mind which is so much the need of the hour and increasing of productivity.

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