If you’re looking for a means to save emails in Apple Mail, consider exporting MBOX emails to an EMLX file. So don’t worry; in this article, we’ll explain how to export emails from MBOX to EMLX files and give step-by-step directions, so you can complete the task fast. Let’s continue reading this site to find out more.

The MBOX file format stores all email messages in a single file. It is support by a wide range of email clients, including SeaMonkey, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird, and others.

Numerous programs can access MBOX files used to store mail folders, although some users have difficulty doing so while using Apple Mail as their email client.

Because of this, users have to convert MBOX email files to EMLX format. Users of EMLX files can store each email separately and examine it in Apple Mail on their Mac machine.


MBOX files are support by the vast majority of email clients. Thunderbird, Opera Mail, and Apple Mail are several email clients that support MBOX files for storing user mail folders locally. All of its email applications use MBOX files to store customers’ large email folders and attachments. MBOX is only one of numerous file formats that may be use to store users’ emails locally; there are others as well. EMLX file formats are among them.

What Exactly is the Apple Mail EMLX file?

Similarly to MBOX files, EMLX files are use to save user emails. MBOX, on the other hand, allows you to save folders containing a large number of email items, whereas EMLX files allow you to save emails individually.

The EMLX file format may be use to preserve a single email and any attachments. Users who wish to rapidly see and distribute emails with certain recipients may find it beneficial.

To Produce EMLX files, Use Professional MBOX Converter Software.

The TrustVare MBOX to EMLX Converter Tool allows users to simply convert MBOX to EMLX files with the best results. This approach is excellent for converting several MBOX files at the same time. The utility converts MBOX files to a number of file formats, including EML, EMLX, PST, MSG, NSF, and HTML.

The application has excellent characteristics that distinguish it from other third-party alternatives. The intuitive graphical user interface makes it easy to use for both professional and non-technical users. It supports all email applications, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Poco Mail, and Power Mail. These Windows-based applications are accessible to users running all versions of Windows.

How Do I Export Emails from MBOX to EMLX File?

To export emails from MBOX to EMLX, follow the comprehensive instructions below.

  • Launch the software and filter MBOX files using “File Mode” or “Folder Mode”.
  • Click on the “Browse” tab to see a glimpse of MBOX files in the preview window.
  • Choose the “Export to EMLX” option.
  • Select a specific location for the output by clicking on the “Browse” option.
  • Finally, to complete the job, click the “Convert Now” option.

After a short time, users can effortlessly and accurately convert emails from MBOX to EMLX format.

A Best Features of MBOX to EMLX Converter on Windows:

Read about the software’s features for professional MBOX file export to EMLX.

  • Bulk MBOX to EMLX conversion: The MBOX converter permits you to transform large MBOX files to smaller EMLX files. The tool lets customers to upload MBOX documents in approaches: using the software’s GUI’s Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) option. Users can really add both unmarried and severa files using those options.
  • Export MBOX to EMLX with Attachments: The software ensures that no crucial statistics is misplace for the duration of the Mailbox’s conversion to an Apple Mail document, with attachments being one of the most essential components. Furthermore, the application ensures that the mailbox is convert to EMLX with attachments, as attachments are one of the maximum vital components of email.
  • Keep Email Items and Properties Up To Date: An e-mail is made up of several sections, together with the topic: To, Cc, Bcc, signature, text, heading, inline image, date, time, HTML hyperlinks, and so on. The Converter device enables e-mail conversion with the aid of keeping all the e-mail’s textual content and capabilities after conversion.
  • Option for Multiple File Naming: This software has extensive alternatives for converting MBOX to EMLX and exporting mailboxes to Apple Mail documents. They offer a range of document naming alternatives in order that the person can create the report as preferred. This choice permits you to name your final EMLX record based totally on the date, time, difficulty, and so forth.
  • Desired Destination Path: One of the toolkit’s most advanced competencies is the selected vacation spot direction. Even if this system presentations the Desktop as the default vacation spot direction, the user has the option of selecting a specific path.
  • The utility helps all MBOX types, such as MBX, MBS, MBOXRD, MBOXO, and MSF. The software is well-matche with MBOX files from a number of apps, together with Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Mac Mail, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, and many more.


The preceding post described the full process of converting emails from MBOX to EMLX format using the TrustVare MBOX to EMLX Converter Application. It seamlessly and concurrently converts all MBOX files and directories into multiple formats. The utility provides each user with a free demo pack that allows them to convert a few things from each MBOX folder to EMLX and other formats. All users who want to convert from MBOX to EMX should find this blog useful.

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