Technical SEO‌ Tips‌

In this article, we have discussed how to improve technical SEO for your website. How to fix technical errors on your website. When you have done proper on-page and off-page SEO but you have not done proper technical SEO, your website will not get ranking and traffic. Follow the mentioned steps if you want to do proper technical SEO. In case you don’t want to do that, you can hire the best SEO marketing agency.

Website security

If your website is not secure then Google and other search engines will ignore your site and lower your website ranking. For that, you have to check your website’s HTTP check. Suppose your website is like then it shows no secure status. Therefore, malware and other viruses can attack your site. For that, you need to have your site’s SSL certificate and upload it to Cupnel. This is the necessary and first step to improving technical SEO. In addition, If you are living in Boise City you can contact the best SEO Agency in Boise City if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of SEO.

Website speed

If your website loading speed is high then you need to improve website loading speed. There are many reasons for increased loading speed such as high-quality images and videos. Website themes, sidebars, heavy HTTP requests, and lots of ads also increase website loading speed. If the website loading speed is high then the ranking and website traffic will go down.

Best Technical SEO Tips

Mobile-friendly website

If your website is not responsive and not mobile friendly then this can be another reason for reducing website ranking. Because nowadays mobile users have increased instead of desktop and laptop users. So Google and other search engines have decided that your website should be mobile-friendly if you want to increase your website ranking.

Create website sitemap and robots.txt 

If your website is ready and you have published a lot of articles but you haven’t submitted the XML sitemap of your site then maybe your website is not getting traffic. Because if the website pages are not indexed or crawled, the website traffic does not increase. So first you need to submit the XML sitemap of the website. Another reason could be robots.txt. Webmaster Tools does not crawl and index your website if you have submitted your website’s sitemap but disallow the main domain. So maybe due to such mistakes in Technical SEO website traffic and ranking are not increasing.

Do proper canonical tags optimization

If any duplicate content exists on your website it affects your site ranking and traffic. If your website has 2 URLs of the same content, one of the URLs needs to be given the canonical tag. So that the search engine knows which page to crawl and which page to index. Any website has 4 URLs namely simple domain, domain with HTTP, domain with HTTPS, and subdomain. So search engine bots come crawling and indexing your website and will index and crawl the specified canonical URL if you have applied proper canonical tags.