Investing has become more accessible, even for those with limited resources, with the introduction of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). SIPs are a great option for anyone wishing to increase their wealth gradually because they enable investors to trade stocks without needing a sizable lump sum.

Advantages of investing in SIP

Financial Discipline

SIP regularity encourages financial self-discipline. It helps you accumulate wealth without limiting your lifestyle and promotes forced savings.


SIPs give investors more investing flexibility. At any point, you are free to change the amount you are investing.

Easy Access

SIPs offer investors a hassle-free way to invest. With a single set of instructions, you can complete it online with ease. Your SIPs will begin accruing automatically.

Lower risk

By spreading out your investment over time and lowering the risk to capital, a SIP will improve your ability to handle volatility.


Investors can begin with as little as a few hundred rupees each month, rather than needing to invest a sizeable amount up front.

How to Invest in SIP?

Investing in SIPs is a straightforward process that can be done in a few simple steps, If you want to know how to start SIP, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Select a Fund

Find and select a SIP plan based on your time horizon, risk tolerance, and investing goals.

Open an Account

Open a mutual fund Demat account through a registered online investment platform or with a respectable fund house.

Set Up SIP

Please include all relevant information, including the amount you want to invest and the frequency of your investments (monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Monitor and Review

To keep yourself on track toward your financial objectives, keep a close eye on the performance of your SIP investments and make adjustments as necessary.

Best SIP Plans

If you are looking for the best SIP Plans, heres a list you can check.

  • JM Flexi Cap Fund (G)
  • DSP Flexi Cap Fund Reg (G)
  • Tata Flexi Cap Fund (G)
  • Nippon India Flexi Cap Fund Reg (G)
  • 360 One Flexi Cap Fund Reg (G)

Monthly SIP Plan

Investors can choose to invest in a regular monthly SIP plan. With these plans, people can invest in a systematic and easy way by setting aside a set amount of money on a regular basis, usually once a month. The monthly SIP plans enable smaller, more frequent contributions, they are appropriate for investors with a range of budgets.

Final Thoughts

With SIPs, investors, even those with modest resources, can easily and affordably venture into the world of mutual fund investing. With the ease of online investment platforms and the availability of the best SIP plans, anyone can begin investing and work toward reaching their financial goals.


Remember that the information above is meant only as a guide and does not indicate that RKFS supports any particular mutual fund plan. We do not assume any liability for any profit or loss that may arise from your investment in any of the aforementioned plans.

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