QuickBooks Error 1625

QuickBooks was released by Intuit a few decades ago and the software has been revolutionizing the accounting industry since then. Unfortunately, internal issues like QuickBooks Error 1625 are common in the software which might interrupt the software installation on user computers. If you also face this QB installation error on your system, read this blog till the end to learn why the error develops and easy methods to terminate it.

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Reasons for error 1625 updating QuickBooks

You are most likely to come across this error while updating or installing QuickBooks on your computer. The conditions that trigger this QB installation/Update error on your computer are mentioned below-

  • The User Account Control settings are strictly fixed, blocking updates or installation of new programs on the computer.
  • Minor issues or technical glitches on your PC lead to interruption of QB installation on your computer.
  • The Windows components like the .NET framework or MSXML are damaged, or you have their beta version.

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Effective ways to remove QuickBooks error code 1625

You can’t finish QB installation or update successfully once this runtime error develops on your system. The easy techniques to prevent the error from blocking QB installation are discussed below-

Solution 1- Arrange the UAC control settings correctly before installing QB again

User Account Control settings on a computer ensure the protection of your system configuration from unwanted or harmful applications. The settings prompt a confirmation message whenever you try updating or installing a new application on your computer. QuickBooks installation can also be hindered by incorrect setup of the UAC settings on your computer. You’ll see this error code come up on the screen when QB installation gets blocked by the incorrect UAC settings. You must apply the following steps to fix the UAC settings-

  • Launch the control panel on your computer and click the Accounts option in its menu.
  • Select User Accounts in the next window and tap Change User Account Control Settings.
  • The next window consists of a slider used to control the UAC settings. Click and drag it to Never Notify to turn off the UAC settings.
  • Try installing QB on your computer once the UAC settings are turned off.
  • Move the slider back to Always Notify after QB installation to turn the settings back on.

If the error code comes up again after fixing the UAC settings, move to the next solution.

Solution 2- Install QB after fixing the issues with the tool hub

QuickBooks installation can also suffer due to technical snags or bugs that randomly develop and interrupt PC processes. You must use the QB tool hub to remove the issues and prevent them from blocking the software installation. Use these steps-

  • Open the QB tool hub application on your computer and click the Installation issues menu.
  • Tap Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and let the issues get resolved automatically.


This blog is created to explain the causes of QuickBooks Error 1625 blocking the software installation or update. The applicable techniques to rectify the installation error are mentioned in the blog, and we hope you apply them on your computer to install QB without problems.

Talk to our QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 to resolve your remaining queries.

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