An email’s whole contents are stored in a single file called an EML file, which stands for electronic mail. The email data for many email clients, such as Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, Zimbra, etc., is stored in this format. Since EML files are noted for their simplicity, you may drag and drop a single file or several files from one program to another using this capability. Drag-and-drop moving is not available, however, if you wish to import EML into Gmail or any web-based email service like Gmail. Users frequently struggle to import EML into Gmail; here, we’ll go over every available solution.

The majority of customers encountered conversion failures as a result of manual techniques. But I want you to realize that manual conversion might cause problems and data loss. Therefore, we provide you with the finest & alternate method to import EML files to Gmail.


Using Windows Live Mail, users may import EML files into Gmail. Windows Live Mail is no longer available, as we are all aware. however, individuals with WLM are still present in their bodies. If so, this method is ideal for them. However, if you don’t have WLM, you can start the migration process automatically.

Why do we Import EML data to our Gmail Account?

  1. Gmail has many features that can help users increase their efficiency with their email data.
  2. EML files are prone to corruption, especially when stored for a long time.
  3. In Google, there are high-security measures for email data, which is impossible with EML.
  4. EML files are not easily accessible and cannot be opened with a specific email client.

Manual Tricks to Converter EML files to Gmail

  • Open Windows Live Mail and import the files.
  • Configure your Windows Live Mail account for Gmail.
  • Windows Live Mail file import
  • Open the Windows Live Mail program on your computer. Choosing the File tab.
  • Simply choose Import Messages. Select Windows Live Mail now.
  • To find the files’ location, click Browse, then choose Next.
  • Click the Next option after choosing any or all folders to import into Windows Live Mail.
  • The importation procedure will start.

configure your Windows Live Mail account for Gmail.

  • Select Email under the Accounts tab.
  • Enter all necessary information.
  • Mention all the data in the Configure server settings box and then click Next.
  • When a confirmation box pops up, choose Finish. Windows Live Mail will start displaying your Gmail account.
  • You can use the drag-and-drop function now that you have the necessary EML files in your Gmail account.

The manual import of EML into Gmail has certain drawbacks.

  • Windows Live Mail has been discontinued. It can only be used by individuals who still own it.
  • For the strategy to function, all the settings and parameters must be precise.
  • There are several complexities involved.
  • Multiple EML files cannot be transferred using this method.
  • It takes a lot of time and is ineffective.
  • Novice users can’t convert their EML files to Gmail with the Manual Methods.

EML to Gmail Import Alternative Professional Solution

If you don’t have the proper tools & equipment, importing EML files to Gmail may not go as expected. You are introduced to the top EML Converter Software by Corbett Wizard. This tool is straightforward and user-friendly. It enables EML file migration to a Gmail account. Additionally, this program aids in the migration of EML files to other email service providers.

With the help of this program, you may instantly export EML to a G Suite or Gmail account. To use this tool, no technical knowledge is necessary. Additionally, you may download the free sample version of this tool, which enables you to instantly import the first 10 files and folders into your Gmail or G Suite account. Throughout the import procedure, this utility keeps your folder hierarchy and file structure intact.

These are the steps to open/import EML files to Gmail: –

  • On your Windows OS machine, install and run the EML to Gmail Importer.
  • Click Choose Folders after navigating to Open and choosing EML files.
  • Add the required files and preview them before migration.
  • By using the search button, you may set filters if you wish to export only certain migrations.
  • To import EML files into Gmail, click the Export option
  • and choose Gmail as the saving option.
  • Enter your Gmail account’s login information.
  • To begin the migration, click the Save button.

Clearly Visible Program Features

  1. Bulk EML File Upload: The Import tool enables you to bulk upload a number of EML files. To open EML files in a Gmail account, the tool has no file size restrictions. Additionally, it aids in full migration, which includes inbox, draft, sent, deleted, etc.
  2. Smart and Safe: – We understand that you don’t want to lose your data during the EML transfer, therefore please migrate with attachments. Because of this, this program has been cleverly created so that it can import EML to Gmail while keeping all attachments. There is no chance of data modification throughout the procedure.
  3. Windows Compatibility: This program may be installed on any Windows operating system, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc. Additionally, you will receive 24/7 customer support in the event that you run into problems during the conversion process. Our customer service staff will be pleased to assist you.
  4. Retains Folder Structure: All the elements remain the same when you open an EML file in your Gmail account. There will be no change in the internal folder hierarchy and the structure of emails. The metadata like to, cc, bcc, subject, hyperlinks, internet header, etc. will be preserved as in the original file.
  5. Free Download Available: We are also providing a demo version that lets you import EML to Gmail for free, but with some limitations. But you can evaluate the features of the tool free of cost using the trial version. So don’t wait anymore and download this software now!
Let’s Wrap Up

Without the proper email conversion tool, converting EML to Gmail might be a challenging operation. There are several areas where doing it manually might go wrong, in addition to the time limits. Therefore, to answer the question of how to access an EML file in a Gmail account, we’ve advised using an automatic solution like EML to Gmail Importer.

It is a very effective application that has been created by specialists, particularly to import EML to Gmail together with attachments. Because of this, you can trust an app like this to complete the task so that all of your needs are met.

Additionally, if you’re unsure if this tool will meet your needs, don’t worry—we provide a free trial version that enables you to convert one or two files so that you can see how well it functions before switching to a licensed version if required!

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