This is the right post if you’re also searching for a dependable way to get an email back from an OST. Here, we’ll go over every practical method for recovering an email from an OST file, both manually and with the help of an OST to PST converter.

Microsoft Outlook is the most well-known and safe desktop email program on the planet. Emails can be sent and received for both personal and business purposes. Outlook’s default PST and OST formats are used to store mailbox data.


The offline storage table, or OST for short, automatically syncs on your local PC when you set up an IMAP account with Outlook. It keeps all of the data from an Outlook mailbox locally so that it can be quickly disconnected when the user isn’t online.

You already know that you cannot import or access an OST file into Outlook if you are aware of Microsoft’s stance. However, you can quickly insert the OST file into Outlook by converting it to the PST data file that Outlook uses by default.

Reasons for Retrieving an Email from OST.

  • The Exchange server collapsed due to a server failure.
  • Users can open their backup OST files.
  • Sometimes. Users wish to access their OST files from another machine.

How can I Manually Recover an OST Email?

You can carry out the process manually if you are the owner of the Outlook exchange profile or if you have an active Outlook OST file, as described below:

  • Launch Outlook first, and then find the file.
  • Click open and export now, then click open and export again.
  • Choose Export to a file from the list of import/export tools.
  • Select the Outlook PST file and click Next to proceed after selecting the next option.
  • Choose which mailbox data you wish to move.
  • To obtain the outcome quickly, select Finish after giving the output location.

The Drawbacks of a Manual Solution

  • The process is going to be extremely complex and time-consuming.
  • To use this solution, users must be familiar with how Outlook operates.
  • Overly huge, corrupted, or orphaned OST files cannot be converted or restored.

How can I use an Automated Approach to Retrieve an Email from an OST?

Softaken OST to PST Converter Software is a fully safe solution that lets you Retrieving Email/Attachments from Exchange OST 2013 to PST, you can convert individual or batches of OST files in one go without losing any data if you have a broken or unreadable OST file. We used a strong algorithm when developing this software to guarantee accurate results and no data loss.

  • Save the wizard to your computer, then launch it.
  • Select the OST file and add it to the program.
  • Select the Outlook PST file from the export types list.
  • To obtain the outcome quickly, select the location and click export at the end.

Advantages of the Automated Method

  • All sorts of professional and individual users can simply operate this software, and its secure mailbox data structure is unchange from before the conversion.
  • Orphaned, corrupted, and damaged OST files can also be restore and convert.
  • You can use this tool to convert specific data based on parameters like sender, recipient, date range, and subject.
  • An OST can be import into Outlook as well.

It’s time to wrap up!

We have provided a dependable and automated method in this tutorial for retrieving emails from OSTs by hand and with the help of experts. You do it manually if you can access your Exchange file. If not, we advise you to choose an automated option so that you can finish the procedure without endangering the security of your mailbox data.

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