Introduction: EML emails, or electronic mail, are email messages that are saved in plain text or email format. eml.  The.eml file consists of data including content, subject, date, hyperlink, etc. The attachment includes documents and images. EML files can be opened in almost any email application, but various email clients can be seamlessly transferred to Outlook by using the EML to PST Converter tool. The PST file format used by Microsoft Outlook (a personal information manager software system from Microsoft) to store emails, contacts, calendar entries, and other data Converting EML data files to PST files, enabling unified email management.

How to Export EML Emails Along Attachments to Outlook PST?

Users who want to properly organize and manage their email data might find a useful option in exporting EML emails and attachments to Outlook PST format. It can be done by two methods:

  • Manual Method
  • Software Solution

Manual Method:

This method involves the drag-and-drop of EML files in Outlook PST format. This can lose attachments and be a risky process. The manual method can be applied when your computer system has an updated Outlook program.
Here, read the instructions for the manual method:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook: Launch the Outlook program on your system.
  • Import/Export Wizard: Navigate to the “File” menu. Next, choose “Import and Export” to open the Import and Export Wizard.
  • Select Export to a File: Choose “Export to a file” and click “Next.”
  • Select Outlook Data File (.pst): Choose “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and click “Next.”
  • Select EML Files: Browse to the location of your EML files. Next, select the folders or files you want to export.
  • Specify PST Destination: Choose the destination folder for the new PST file.
  • Set Options: Select the desired options, such as whether to include subfolders. Choose how to handle duplicates.
  • Finish the Wizard: Complete the wizard by clicking “Finish.”

In the end, verify the exporting EML emails along with attachments to Outlook PST format. 

Software Solution: 

Alternatively, specialized EML to PST conversion tools like Pcinfotools EML to PST Converter offer a more automated and efficient approach. In the below content, we explain the features of a specialized EML to PST conversion tool.

  • This tool is easy to use and is a standalone tool.
  • This tool does not need MS Outlook installation on your computer system.
  • This tool can import multiple EML files into MS Outlook versions – 2019, 2016, and 2013.
  • This is capable of converting large EML files and attachments without data loss into Outlook PST format.
  • This converter tool allows batch processing of EML Files into PST Format and has a user-friendly interface for a smoother conversion experience.

Detailed Steps to Convert EML Files into PST Format

Convert EML data files, multiple EML files, or EMLX files into Outlook PST file format with an EML to PST converter. You can add a folder with multiple EML files and convert it into an Outlook PST. The conversion process is safe and does not lose track of information like metadata, attachments, formatting, etc. The EML to PST converter will create a single PST file for all the EML files and maintain the folder structure as it is. You can import the PST file within any version of Microsoft Outlook after the EML to PST file conversion.

Here, read the steps to convert EML files into PST format:

  1. Download the Pcinfotools EML to PST Converter from the official website.
  2. Install the configuration settings and open EML to PST Converter on your computer system.
  3. Choose the option to add a “single EML file or multiple EML files from your system in MS Outlook 2019/2016/2013.
  4. Next, choose Save in PST—new PST or existing PST option. Next, use the browse option to mention the location.
  5. Next, click the Convert button to start the EML to PST conversion.
  6. Check the PST file when the conversion is finished to make sure all the data and attachments are correctly moved.

In the end, ensure that the email content in EML file format along with attachments are smoothly incorporated into Microsoft Outlook. This procedure offers an integrated system for managing emails.


Converting EML data files to PST files can be done by a manual method, including importing or exporting EML files to the PST file format and using a specialized solution. Both methods can export EML data files to Outlook PST. The easiest way to send an EML file and save it in Outlook PST format is to use the PcInfotools EML to PST Conversion Tool. This tool can export EML and EMLX files to Outlook PST format along with attachments.

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